NEW! Bubble Cocori'Straw, the special French bubble tea paper straw.

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For bubble tea bars

The white Bubble Cocori'Straw is 100% Made in France and was specially developed for bubble tea bars.

Straws packaged in bags of 140
Length 205 mm, Ø 12 mm
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Image de pailles à boire de haute qualité en papier de couleur kraft Soyez Frères

For Cafés Bars Hotels & Restaurants

Cocori'Straw Kraft straw is 100% made in France and has been specially designed for cafés, bars and restaurants.

Kraft straws packaged in bags of 400
Length 205 mm, Ø 7.3 mm
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For fast-food outlets

A long-standing partner of Europe's leading fast-food chains, we offer paper straws wrapped in printed packaging.

Straws packaged in bags of 300
Length 205 mm, Ø 7.3 mm
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Image de pailles en papier blanches emballées typiques des produits pour la restauration rapide Soyez Frères
Image de pailles en papier blanches emballées typiques des produits Soyez Frères

For the fruit juice & milk industries

A long-standing partner of major players in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, we offer a wide range of straws for bricks, bottles and pouches.

White or kraft straws for containers from 100 to 500 ml, (bricks, pouches, bottles...)
Ø 3.8 mm or more
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For ultra-fresh & ice cream

French specialist for manufacturing recyclable cardboard primary packaging for the food industry

Cartonboard pots and lids from Ø52 to 125 for ultra-fresh products, ice cream, etc
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Photo de pots en papier carton
Image de paillons Soyez Frères pour l'affinage des fromages

For cheese maturing

Long-standing partner of leading French and European cheese manufacturers.

Plastic maturing pegs
Yellow, green, red or black
Lengths from 50 to 300 mm
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Our products comply with the strictest sanitary standards

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