NEW! Bubble Cocori'Straw, the special French bubble tea paper straw.
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The French touch
for your cocktails!

Practical and plastic-free, Cocori'Straw is a straw Made in France, specially designed for Cafés, Hotels and Restaurants.

Discover Cocori’Straw
Designed and
manufactured in France
Extra long
lasting resistance
Straight straw without bag
in natural kraft
and recyclable
PEFC certified
blank paper
Without risks for
the consumer’s health

A straw that
makes sense

Perfectly healthy and natural, the Cocori'Straw paper straw is the best alternative to plastic straw.

Made in France from French or European paper, it complies with current EU standards as well as the CSR challenges confronted by the hospitality professionals.

Thanks to this new high-quality French paper straw, cafés, hotels, bars and restaurants are asserting their commitment to sustainable development and environmental preservation.

Maintain a high quality of service for your customers and offer them an eco-responsible and health-friendly way, to enjoy their drinks through a complete peace of mind.

Cocori'Straw makes it easy


Don't change your habits

Buy Cocori'Straw straws from your usual suppliers :

Save time

Single-use and without individual packaging, you optimize your service and your customers will be delighted.

Smile, your customers are satisfied

The Cocori'Straw does not disintegrate in the drink, and meets the strictest sanitary standards.
Cocori'Straw est utilisé au Bar de la Marine à Saint Jean de Luz


Owner of Bar de la Marine
in Saint-Jean-de-Luz

As a bar manager, customer satisfaction is my priority. Following the ban on plastic straws, I was forced to buy from a European supplier. His alternative to plastic seemed effective, initially. But it turned out to be a disaster, as the straws disintegrated in my customers' mojitos and other drinks, in a matter of a few minutes.

After which, I came across Cocori'Straw, I've sworn by them since then. Packaged in 400s, they're super-convenient, so you don't waste any time. And the best part is that not only can they be recycled, they're really tough, high quality and competitively priced.

3 good reasons to adopt Cocori'Straw

You meet your legal obligations

The use of single-use plastic straws has been banned in France and Europe since January 1, 2021, in order to reduce the impact of plastic pollution on oceans.

You are committed to a CSR approach

Significantly reduce your carbon footprint and transport costs by choosing straws made in Nièvre with French and European raw materials.

Ensure health safety in your establishment

A partner of the leading fast-food brands, Soyez Frères turns health into a priority. Cocori'Straw straws are guaranteed to be free from GMOs, allergens, bisphenol, phthalates, nanomaterials and nanoparticles.

Cocori'Straw, a straw that
maintains its promises!


Immersed into a cold drink, the Cocori'Straw withstands immersion for 4 hours. It won't disintegrate in the glass, so your customers can sip their fruit juices and soft drinks through a straw, without spoiling their drink!


Cocori'Straw is manufactured with the highest standards of health and safety. Produced from blank paper, it meets current EU standards and guarantees the total absence of chemical inks. GMO-, allergen-, bisphenol-, phthalate-, nanomaterial- and nanoparticle-free, therefore there is no risk to consumer health.


Cocori'Straw has a format which is adapted to the food service sector: a straight 205mm straw with a 7mm diameter, packaged without individual wrapping and sold in bags of 400 and cartons of 3200. Cocori'Straw enables you to maintain a sustained rate of service.


The natural color and sleek design of Cocori'Straw add a decorative touch to your drinks and cocktails. Trendy, it allows you to take care of every single detail and blends in with all kinds of settings and decorations, from the most classic to the trendiest and most refined ones.


Made from PEFC-certified paper, a renewable resource, Cocori'Straw is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Unlike plastic, paper is a biomaterial. It can be recycled up to 5 times over, making it part of a circular economy.

What can we learn from it?

Challenge met!

There is no room for single-use plastic in your establishment, anymore. You honor recyclables and biodegradables and consume in a responsible manner.

A flawless decor!

Our straws, with their aesthetically delightful finish, allow you to keep up with the latest trends, so that your customers can proudly relish their favorite beverages.

100% Made in France

Made in France isn't just a fashion statement, it's an emotional statement! Your customers, who are increasingly aware of where their products come from, will thank you for it!

Some questions about Cocori'Straw ?

Why the name Cocori'Straw?

Confronted with the very poor quality of imported products, we felt it was necessary to create a label that symbolizes made in France, while respecting quality, safety and environmental criteria, as well as the human, social and family values we've been defending at Soyez Frères for nearly 200 years.

Where are Cocori'Straw straws made?

Founded in 1832 in the Paris region, Soyez Frères moved to Donzy in the Nièvre region in 1958.
As the years went by, it has become the preferred supplier of fast-food chains and Europe's leading manufacturers of fruit juices and flavored milk.

What are they made of?

The recipe for Cocori'Straw is a well-maintained secret. With its origins at the heart of the Nièvre region, it has been passed down by word of mouth to druids for 6 generations.

Are they really eco-responsible?

Cocori'Straw straws are 100% eco-friendly. Manufactured in France, they are made from certified natural fibers, the vast majority of which come directly from France, or even Europe...The choice of this short circuit contributes to reducing our carbon footprint. With no individual packaging and made from biodegradable paper, they also have the advantage of being both disposable and recyclable.

Where can you buy them?

You can get Cocori'Straw straws from most distributors and wholesalers of materials and equipment for cafés, hotels, restaurants and communities.

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